Изучение английского языка в школе невозможно без творчества. Мы трепетно храним сочинения, рассказы в рисунках, соцопросы, блоги и любые необычные задумки, реализованные учениками с 1 по 4 центр. И с удовольствием будем делиться ими здесь

Centre 4, enjoyed surveying their grade on our theme «Food» and graphing their results! They had lots of fun thinking of creative questions to ask and were surprised by the results!
Ecology Rap
Our kids believe that we have to look after our planet, because it's the only true home we have . «Eco! not ego!» - is our motto!
Board Games
Do you still play ready-made board games? We already play our own! The process of making it teaches kids to cooperate with each other along with revising the covered topics including maths problems. Thus, we include cross-curricular studying in the English lessons.
Famous People
Is there a famous person who you want to be alike with? Our kids have such people. Some of the celebrities are great at sports, some are talented singers or actors. Let them inspire our students to bring their dreams to life.
My room
Center 3 students were thrilled to share photos of their bedrooms and tell about the activities they like doing in there. They were curious to find out more about classmates' lives outside school.